Tongue Cleaner life saver

Tongue becomes home to harmful micro-organisms if it is not cleansed regularly?
Most of us tend to believe that brushing and flossing teeth is all that there is to maintain kill shot bravo hack cheats good oral hygiene. Some of us also top this off with a mouth-wash gargle for fresh breath and think everything’s done but the truth is far from this!
It has been proven that unwanted deposits on the surface of the tongue are the main cause of bad breath and several other problems related to lacking of oral hygiene such as gum disease, plaque formation on teeth, dental decay and even sore throats and colds. These are caused by harmful bacteria, viruses and fungi that thrive on decaying food remains that accumulate on the tongue, serving as perfect breeding grounds for disease causing germs.
What is a Tongue cleaner/tongue scraper?
Wooshy Tongue Cleaner is a clinically proven oral hygiene instrument found to be safe and highly effective treatment for eliminating bad breath, gum disease, and dental decay. If you are like the millions of hygienically conscious consumers who are concerned about the freshness of your breath, this product is for you.
What it does…
will greatly improve general and oral health by efficiently and comfortably removing harmful tongue
bacteria, viruses, fungi, yeast, rancid food particles and cellular debris that cause bad breath, gum
disease, dental decay, plaque, sore throats and colds.
Important and Interesting Facts About Tongue Cleaning
Cleaning the tongue and brushing the teeth will reduce bad breath odor by 85%. Tongue cleaning reduces mouth odor by 75%. Brushing the teeth just, reduces mouth odor by less then 25%.
Most bad breath (halitosis) originates from the tongue as a result of volatile sulfur compounds and offensive hydrogen sulfide gas produced by bacteria residing on the dorsal surface of the tongue. The top of the tongue is the main breeding ground for bacteria in the mouth that attack the teeth and gums.
Scraping the tongue with a specially designed tongue cleaning instrument like Wooshy Tongue scraper is the most effective method of removing the odor forming and pathogenic oral disease-causing organisms.
Tongue cleaning reduces the amount of coating on the tongue by 40%. Tongue cleaning inhibits plaque formation on the teeth by 33%. Cleaning your tongue is 50% more effective than brushing the teeth in getting rid of bad breath.
Tongue cleaning will cut down the bacteria stored in your mouth tenfold. It improves general oral hygiene.
Why clean your tongue?
1. It removes all that odor-causing bacteria that love to hang out in the nooks and crannies found on the surface of your tongue.
2. It reduces halitosis, including smoker’s breath by as much as 85%
3. It reduces tooth decay.
4. It freshens the mouth and breath.
5. It cleans your taste buds, making food taste better.
6. Most importantly – it works.
7. The shape of the Wooshy tongue brush is be non-gagging.
8. ensures comfort while cleaning and optimum surface area coverage with each stroke.
9. Don’t be taken in by tongue cleaners offering great grips. Please, your tongue cleaner is not a tool for
10. scraping a hard surface. It must be held extremely gently on both ends. Just glide over it a couple of times and watch those ugly coats that cause bad breath come off with remarkable ease!!
11. Look at the Wooshy Tongue Cleaner.
Tongue cleaning is the best way to keep your taste buds active. You’ll be surprised when you actually see how much mucous is removed after what you thought was a perfect brushing session !! It is the best way to keep your breath fresh and taste buds active.
Importance of Tongue Cleaning
The tongue’s surface is the main breeding ground for harmful bacteria that attack teeth & gums producing
a rotten egg – smelling gases or “dragon mouth”!
Tongue cleaning is necessary, in addition to brushing, for a thorough dislodging of the plaque and mucus. In clinical tests, tongue cleaning is proven to have reduced odors and bacteria by 75%!
Tongue scraping is a boon for those suffering from coated tongue. Effective tongue cleaning reduces coating on the tongue by as much as 40%!! The best part is that a tongue cleaner is so easy and fun to use.
Tooth brushing and mouthwashes do nothing to remove oral debris on the tongue, the root cause of dreadful breath. At best they mask bad breath. Tongue cleaning is by far the most effective way of combating bad breath.
A clean mouth and fresh breath for a passionate kiss
The Wooshy Tongue Scraper is a significant step to fresher breath. Recommended by the British Dental
Association. You will experience a fresh feeling in your mouth along with restored taste.
Quick and easy to use – once you try it, you won’t be without it! Enjoy a fresh breath.

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