Two Is A Company, Three Is A Crowd

I have a childhood friend. It is an old friendship. My friend is sincere, selfless, and a well-wisher. I have another friend, of my youth. My new friend too, is sincere, selfless,and a well-wisher. I wished,”If we three, could be lifetime friends!” We were all friends, only for a short while. It is not easy for 3 persons to have longtime friendship. Humanity has failed to win over this paradox.

Why three are a crowd in friendship?

My new friend insisted the simpsons tapped out cheats on a priority friendship, over the old friend. But, why should a friend insist on priority friendship? Quite often, friends expect exclusive rights, over friends. It is a sign of imperfection in human character – reluctance to share.

True friendship or relationship

There are no conditions or demands, among throne rush hack

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selfless, and true friends. I have two friends, two siblings, and parents. They are all equal, just like my eyes. Both are equally valued and loved.

Extended families

When the children marry, they are part of an extended family. The incoming spouse – the new friend – may expect closer relationship, with her/his spouse, over the old family members. It creates disharmony, or result in a cold, formal relationship with the family. This is due to lack of warmth, or intimacy between incoming spouse and family members, because of their inherent egos, and inherited prejudices.

A selfless friend or relation

An egoist demands ‘I, me, and my’ based relationship. A selfless friend or relation believes in ‘we, us and our’ ideology. He sees hay day tool same God in all of us. He makes fun of himself and laughs at himself. When others laugh at his religious beliefs or rituals, he is not provoked. He doesn’t sulk but tolerates the pun amicably. He is considerate towards others’ feelings, and does not laugh at others, as it’s a misuse of right to freedom of speech. He laughs with others. We need such friends, their marvel contest of champions hack culture, and their beliefs.

The hurdles in society

In society, there is divisive politics. Democracy and religions divides society in different groups. Each group comments, and ridicules, the values and culture, beliefs and rituals of other groups – nations, races, and religions. The clash royale hack religious leaders don’t see same God in each religion or even in other sub-groups of same religion. Within humanity, there is lack of friendship among various groups. Let us all – the Muslims, Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, and Sikhs – be human beings first and be proud members of humanity. May God bless us all with friendship towards one another.

Hurdles in family

In a family, there is inherent mistrust and lack of intimacy among relations. Let there be harmony among all family members: between a daughter-in-law and mother-in-law, between sisters-in-law, and between married children and parents.

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